What Are The Benefits of Liquid Diamond Ceramic Paint Coating

Keeping your car protected, shiny, and always looking at its best is possible with Liquid Diamond Ceramic paint from Star Shield. This ceramic car coating is the best paint protection solution that you can find on the market, and it’s only available at our dealerships. Protecting your car with Liquid Diamond Ceramic paint gives you the opportunity to preserve the beautiful shine of your vehicle with minimal maintenance.

What Is Liquid Diamond Ceramic Paint?

White Chevy Suburban

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Similar to your skin, if your car stays out for long hours in the sunshine, it’s susceptible to early aging and damage, such as weakened paint, color change, or loss of vibrancy. Exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause oxidation, which is essentially a form of corrosion in which your paint dries out. Slowly, the paint may even chip off until you’re left with a deteriorated surface susceptible to rust and other damage. However, by applying Liquid Diamond to the surface of your car, you can stop this from happening and keep it looking like the day you bought it.

Simply put, a Liquid Diamond Ceramic paint coating secures your investment by adding a tough, clear layer of protection to your car’s finish. It preserves the original paint and prevents color fading, loss of shine, oxidation, and weathering. The coating actually bonds with the molecular structure of the car’s paint, so it can’t be removed or altered by any external forces or vibrations that the car may undergo.

Why Should I Purchase Liquid Diamond Ceramic Paint?

If you enjoy driving a car that always looks pristine and sleek, Liquid Diamond can help you accomplish that. This protectant can protect your car’s finish from a wide range of damage, such as sun damage and general wear, and help maintain its shine.

Additionally, over a car’s lifetime, most owners spend a lot of money washing it, waxing it, and re-painting it. Although Liquid Diamond requires an upfront investment, most clients find that it pays for itself through their savings on maintenance costs. When you purchase this protectant, you can save a lot of money in the long term.

Benefits of Liquid Diamond Ceramic Paint

Applying Liquid Diamond Ceramic paint to your vehicle can give you the following benefits:

Gives Your Car a New Look

The Liquid Diamond Ceramic paint coating adds a new level of color depth to your vehicle, helping its color really pop. It also gives it a diamond-like high gloss, making your car appear just as shiny and polished as the day you brought it home from the dealership. When you properly maintain this coating, your car’s finish can shine for years.

Allows for Easy Cleaning

Liquid Diamond Ceramic paint makes your car’s exterior slick and glossy. Because of this, dust, dirt, tar, bird droppings, bugs, tree sap, and plant material don’t easily stick to the car. You won’t need aggressive cleaning methods or products anymore, which can help save your car from damage and simplify your car wash.

Increases Your Resale Value

If, someday, you plan to resell your car or trade it in at our dealership to upgrade, applying Liquid Diamond Ceramic paint can help you get more for your money. As this coating protects your car’s exterior and enhances its look, its resale value will likely be higher than if you didn’t apply it. Any person or dealership will appreciate the upgraded appearance and protection from damage.

Protects Your Car From the Outdoors

This paint protectant can help secure your car from a variety of environmental afflictions, such as bugs, bird droppings, and tree sap. It can also guard against scratches, whether from trees, people, or other interactions. Because of this, no matter where you go and what you encounter in your car, you’re ready to resist the splatter and avoid damage.

Adds Chemical Resistance

This protective coating is also resistant to harmful chemicals that can strip your car of sealants, waxes, and other protective coatings that may protect your car’s paint. This is especially helpful when you have it washed.

Process of Applying Liquid Diamond Ceramic Paint

When you decide on Liquid Diamond, you can trust the team of certified technicians at Dan Cummins to properly and carefully apply your new coating of protection. Your only job is scheduling the service when your car can be left for several days, as the coating will need time to dry. However, we’ll be glad to provide you with a loaner vehicle so you can continue your daily business. Here’s what happens during the process:

  • Bring your vehicle to Dan Cummins.
  • Your car will be assigned to a team of professional applicators.
  • They’ll perform a deep clean on both the interior and exterior of the car to ensure it’s in tip-top shape for application.
  • Applicators will complete a comprehensive removal of all exterior contaminants, such as dust, dirt, bug splatter, mud, and any chemical residue that tarnishes its clear coat.
  • They’ll apply leather and fabric protection to the interior of your car to assist with preventing any UV light damage or staining that could occur in the future.
  • Applicators will apply the Liquid Diamond Ceramic coating to all exterior paint surfaces.
  •  Liquid Diamond dries for a full day to complete the process.

Only Available at Dan Cummins Dealerships

Liquid Diamond Ceramic paint, sold by Star Shield Protection, is exclusively provided at Dan Cummins dealerships. If you’d like to explore this premium car paint protectant, please contact the service department at one of our locations. They can set you up with an appointment to have Liquid Diamond Ceramic paint applied to your vehicle.

If you’re still considering the process, please stop by our showroom in Paris or one of our other locations in Kentucky to see and feel the protection for yourself. You may want to witness the process or see how a car looks before and after application. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us online or give us a call at the dealership. Our team is ready to help you with all of your vehicle needs.

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