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Lexington Used Car Dealer

Choosing a used car is a great way to save money and still get a vehicle that you can enjoy and rely on for many years to come. Since there are so many unknowns involved with a used model, however, it is important that you shop at a dealership you can trust so that you know you are getting a car in the best condition possible. You have quite a few options available to you when looking for a Lexington used car dealer, but not all of them are equal in terms of the quality of the vehicles they offer and the kind of service you will find.

Here at Dan Cummins Chevrolet Buick, we pride ourselves on offering the highest level of customer service, with amazing vehicles to meet all of your needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable salespeople can answer any questions you might have, and they will work closely with you to make sure you get the right used car. Plus, our financing department makes it easy for you to figure out the best way to pay for your vehicle – you can get started right now here on our website. Why wait any longer to find the right car at a great price? Come visit us at Dan Cummins Chevrolet Buick, your Lexington-area used car dealer, and let us show you a better way to shop for a car.

A red 2019 Chevy Blazer is parked on a beach.

What Type of Used Vehicle is Right for You?

This is one of the most important questions to ask yourself as you start looking for a used model at your Lexington used car dealer. You have many different options available to you across a wide range of years and types of vehicles, so if you do not narrow down your options, the selection can become pretty overwhelming. While we cannot tell you the right type of vehicle without talking to you and discussing what you need, we can go over what each has to offer for you.

A car, like a standard sedan or sporty coupe, can be a great choice if you do not need a ton of space for passengers or cargo. These vehicles can be among the most affordable options, so keep that in mind if budget is a concern, and include a wide range of sizes and styles. A full-size sedan can be a good option even with a family since four or five people can comfortably fit inside it. Something like a sports car or coupe is a good fit if you want top-of-the-line performance and a truly exhilarating driving experience.

While minivans were the classic family vehicle a few decades ago, SUVs have replaced them for many families looking for a used vehicle. The size and interior capacity of an SUV is hard to beat, and they are incredibly functional for a wide range of uses. A full-size or large SUV can seat seven or eight people, so even a big family and lots of friends can all pile in. If you want something small but still like the functionality of an SUV, then consider a compact or even a subcompact crossover model.

Trucks are the classic work vehicles and for good reason. A pickup truck provides you with a ton of power to handle a wide range of jobs, with a large bed that you can really load up with anything you need. Plus, the towing capacity of a truck makes it ideal for pulling a trailer, camper, or boat behind you. While a truck is not necessarily right for everyone, for a lot of people, it is the perfect option for both work and play.

A black 2019 Buick LaCrosse Avenir is driving on a highway after leaving a Lexington used car dealer.

Our Fantastic Inventory Has You Covered

No matter what kind of vehicle you think is right for you, we are ready to help you find it here at Dan Cummins Chevrolet Buick. We have hundreds of different used vehicles for you to choose from, including a wide range of makes, models, and options. From high-performance sports cars to family-size SUVs and the hardest working trucks on the road, you will find it here at your Lexington-area used car dealer. We even have a carefully chosen selection of Certified Pre-Owned models, which can cost a little more, but come with unbeatable peace of mind.


Chevrolet has been around longer than most humans on this Earth today. Founded in 1911 by the duo of William C. Durant and Louis Chevrolet, this manufacturer has become a global success in a wide range of markets all around the world. From the Chevy Model T in the late 1910s to a bustling selection of fan-favorite vehicles to choose from in the modern-day, few manufacturers are held in such high regards as Chevrolet. Over the years, fans and critics alike have consistently praised this automobile behemoth for its outstanding quality, reliability, and performance.

The Chevy lineup today consists of a plethora of designs and vehicle types, many of which have received their fair share of awards and other accolades over the years. If you're in the market for an SUV, you can trust Chevy, and this is also true for sedans, pickup trucks, performance cars, and even more recently, electric vehicles. This manufacturer is always looking towards the future, and it's never a matter of if something's possible, but a matter of when. The popularity of Chevy can't be understated, and during one brisk drive around a town center, chances are you'll see at least one Chevy.


Buick is another manufacturer that has surpassed a century of service, and its 1903 founding by David Dunbar Buick makes it the oldest automobile brand in America. This isn't your average vehicle manufacturer, as every automobile that comes off the production line is treated with the care, attention, and materials to grant you a relaxing and luxurious experience. For years, Buick has been lauded as a highly competitive manufacturer that has the products to back its bold claims.

Nowadays, Buick vehicles can be found on American roads as well as across the globe. Long-time Buick fans have received a front-row seat to the growth and success of their favorite brand, and the vehicles that you can find today manage to blend style and substance thanks to a luxurious design and outright reliability. The vehicles that you'll find under the Buick banner today are all SUVs, and each one is well worth the time to put research into. If you are searching for a reliable premium vehicle from an all-American manufacturer, there is no better choice than Buick.

A red 2019 Buick Regal GS is shown from the rear driving down a winding road.

Chevy & Buick CPO Models

Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are an important part of the industry, but not everyone is aware of the benefits that they bring to the table. Chevy and Buick both offer CPO programs, and these have had great results for aspiring shoppers who want a used vehicle but with more confidence about their purchase. How does this happen? CPO vehicles sold by Chevy and Buick are placed through a detailed inspection, with both manufacturers offering a 172-point inspection. These walkthroughs of the vehicle are more in-depth than you may imagine, and there's not one square inch of the vehicle that isn't checked for malfunctions.

After the inspection, a detailed CARFAX report is obtained for the vehicle that you're purchasing, and this will give you the full history of the vehicle. CPO vehicles also allow for free maintenance visits for a limited time after your purchase, and after that, you'll still have the associated warranties to keep you covered. Both brands offer the same warranties courtesy of GM, and these include a Powertrain Limited Warranty that's good for 6 years or 100,000 miles, as well as a Bumper-to-Bumper Limited Warranty that lasts for 12 months or 12,000 miles. Simply put, you won't miss the traditional used vehicle after you've purchased a CPO model, and each subsequent vehicle you purchase will likely be a CPO as well.


Ask any Jeep driver, and they'll tell you there's nothing like a Jeep. This manufacturer is more special than others, and that's because Jeep fans are better described as enthusiasts - a Jeep is more than just a vehicle; it's a lifestyle. There's an entire community of Jeep drivers that are quite friendly with each other, and when it comes to off-roading activities, few will deviate from Jeep. What makes them so special? Ask any Jeep fan, and you're bound to hear a few different answers, but one that may come up time and time again is customization.

Those shopping for a used Jeep who have owned one before are typically up to speed with the Jeep that they're purchasing, but more importantly, the add-ons it offers. Jeeps are built to handle many different tasks, and because of that, they can be enjoyed by numerous types of drivers. For a company that was founded in the 1940s, it has certainly made a name for itself with the continuous launch of some stellar automobiles. Today, the Jeep market is quite large, especially for drivers looking for a used model, but there are also plenty of current models that are worth considering as well.

An orange 2019 Dodge Challenger is shown in a garage parked near a two post lift.


Dodge is another American-made manufacturer that has continued to earn high praises by both fans and critics alike with some of the most recognizable vehicles around. Dodge fans purchase them for a reason, and that's because of the build quality and distinctive designs that make a Dodge so different. Dodge was founded at the turn of the 20th century in 1900 in the motor city of Detroit, Michigan. John Francis Dodge and Horace Elgin Dodge were the two brothers that would begin a revolution of sorts by becoming one of the first vehicle manufacturers in the country. Today, Dodge vehicles are sold and driven all around the world, and the selection of available vehicles continues to impress every year.

To experience the ultimate prowess of what Dodge has to offer, you should consider one of their muscle cars. There's no denying that there are fewer manufacturers who produce muscle cars than there used to be, and out of the bunch that still do, Dodge remains king. The Charger and Challenger remain true to that all-American formula of a big V8 engine and rear-wheel drive in an aggressive-looking machine. Dodge vehicles are plentiful on the used market and are one brand to certainly keep your eye out for when you're in the middle of the shopping process.


GMC makes a wide range of SUVs, but pickup trucks have been their forte for many years. Initially founded in 1911 as the same William C. Durant that was behind the creation of Chevy, GMC is the truck division of General Motors. For years, GMC has been at the top of the chain for many truck drivers, and that's because of two things - dependability and performance. GMC has been respected for quite some time, and their trucks were among those sent overseas to assist soldiers in World War II.

Today, GMC vehicles continue to impress drivers with their prowess, and the current lineup consists of rugged and luxurious vehicles. There are also GMC vehicles that are marketed as off-road capable, and you'll have no shortage of choices when looking deeper into the lineup with the Denali line and AT4 line. Those interested in used vehicles are in luck as well as you should find a used GMC truck on the market with relative ease. For over a century, GMC has been at the forefront of progress, and it's a brand that many drivers look to with intrigue and desire.

We Make Financing Simple

As your Lexington-area used car dealer, we understand that financing is not really anyone’s favorite part of shopping for and buying a vehicle. It can be stressful, and even if you have excellent credit, it can still take a long time to get figured out. That is why we work hard every day to make financing as simple, painless, and stress-free as possible for all of our customers – so you can start enjoying your vehicle right away.

Our financing experts have pretty much seen it all, and they are here to answer any questions you have and help you throughout each step of the financing process. We also make it easy for you to get started right now, here on our website, so before you ever set foot on our lot, you can already have the ball rolling. Our simple payment calculator here on our site lets you get a sense of what paying for a vehicle will really cost you and how you can best work out the financing.

We also make it simple for you to get started with any trade-in vehicle you might have. Our trade-in valuator here on our site lets you enter your make and model or use your VIN or license plate number to get a realistic estimate for what your vehicle may be worth. This way, you can go into shopping for your used car with an accurate, overall sense of what financing will look like and what kind of price range you should aim for.

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Why Choose Dan Cummins Chevrolet Buick?

Here at Dan Cummins Chevrolet Buick, we pride ourselves on offering the best combination of customer service, inventory, and long-term support to help you enjoy your vehicle for many years to come. Our salespeople focus on your needs, not on trying to get rid of a car that has been here for too long, so you know you will find the right vehicle for your situation. This might sound like something you would find at every dealership, but sadly it is not – and it is something we work hard to deliver every single day.

Our massive inventory of vehicles lets us easily find just the right option for you; after all, why bother figuring out what you need if we do not actually have it? And our financing experts will help you determine the best way to pay for your vehicle so that you can enjoy it without losing any sleep. Plus, our certified service center and parts department allow us to make sure your car is in great shape for a long time. So no matter what kind of maintenance or repairs you might need, you will always know where to turn.

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