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Used Car Dealer Near Me – Lexington, KY

The Best Used Cars in Lexington Kentucky

You're in the market for a used car. Depending on your lifestyle, you have such a broad assortment of choices from used sedans to trucks and SUVs. It can be dizzying to begin the process, and for certain newer drivers, overwhelming. The best place to start is to look for a "used car dealer near me" and find a team of experts that can guide you to finding the right used car at the best price possible.

In Lexington, there are a number of places you could go to in order to find the right car for you. But when looking for the right used car dealer, finding a dealership that has a bright history of serving their customers and community is important. You need a compassionate and respectful team that will work to get you the best deal possible. Finally, owning a used car will require maintenance, and it helps if the team that got you rolling will also support you with quality service and repairs. We are happy to tell you that you will find all of that and more here at Dan Cummins Chevrolet Buick.

An orange 2018 Chevy Cruze Hatchback is driving around a corner past a lake and mountains.

Our Unbeatable Inventory of Used Models

Our inventory of used cars goes beyond our normal catalog of new vehicles. We have a spectacular collection of cars, trucks, and SUVs from all of the most popular automotive brands. Lexington area drivers are savvy, and you know that a car depreciates in value most steeply in the first few years after ownership. Therefore, the best way to save some money when buying a car is to buy used.

With our impressive inventory, we know that you'll find the car that is perfect for you. Whether you need to save money on a commuter or you can spend a little extra, you will find what you need here at Dan Cummins. We have used cars, trucks, and SUVs at a wide range of price points that can fit any budget.

Getting a car, even a used car, can be stressful. We understand that, and we have made it our mission to make it stress-free. That is why we have our used car 72 hour exchange policy. If you drive away with your car and it isn't quite what you want, you can bring it back and switch it out with no questions asked. We also ensure that we are looking out for you well after 72 hours with our qualified pre-owned Lifetime Powertrain Warranty, as well as certain used cars that qualify for a 3 month or 4,000 mile warranty with no extra charge to you.

Financing Your Used Car

Whether your credit is good or bad, our finance experts are ready to find a payment option that will help get you on the road and comfortably fit your lifestyle. Not only will our all-star team help get you the loan you need, but we will also help teach you anything you need to know so that you can confidently understand your loan and how it works. We even provide applications online so you can be prequalified before you even show up.

At Dan Cummins Chevy Buick, we offer competitive deals not only on buying your next car but also on leasing a new vehicle. Leasing provides certain benefits that can be appealing to drivers who may only need their vehicle for a limited period of time and want to save on monthly payments. You can tailor your mileage limits with our finance team, and at the end of your lease, you always have the option to buy the car if you decide you just can't go without it.

No matter what your financial situation, our team is dedicated to finding the right car and price for you. That means empowering you with the knowledge on how to manage your loan, payments, and upkeep on your car. To help, we have some of the best and most experienced service staff anywhere in Kentucky to make sure that no matter what happens with your vehicle, we keep you running.

Hands are shaking over paperwork while handing over car keys at a used car dealer near you.

Our Service Department

Nothing can be quite as anxiety-spiking as something going wrong with your car. You start to hear a noise that wasn't there yesterday, and now you're worried about getting it to the garage. When will it be convenient? What if they rip me off? How can I trust they will find what is wrong? Believe us - we have also been there.

That is why we have a team of some of the best technicians in the great state of Kentucky. We are experts at maintaining and repairing your vehicle, and part of our core mission is to make your car ownership fun and stress-free. We have convenient hours so whenever it's best for you, just drop off your car. You can even feel free to stick around as our technicians work diligently to identify the problem and resolve it.

With our qualified used powertrain warranty, you may not even have to cover the costs of whatever repairs come through to us. We don't just fix the scary stuff either. From parts to basic maintenance like oil changes, tire rotations, batteries, brakes, and inspections, we are a one-stop-shop for all your car maintenance needs.

Why We Love Chevy

In the fast-paced auto industry, technology and progress are always being pushed to the limit. It can be hard to keep up with all the advancements or know who to rely on to produce the best of the best. No other brand exemplifies the American spirit of progress more than Chevrolet. We love Chevy for its constant drive to improve and innovate across its entire fleet of incredible vehicles. From its small cars and midsize sedans all the way through to its heavy-duty pickup trucks and luxury vehicles, nothing quite says quality like the iconic Chevy bowtie.

At Dan Cummins, we are proud to sell the best vehicles made by any American manufacturer. From the rugged Silverado to the sleek Corvette, Chevy is constantly pushing the limits of engineering and design to give you only the best. Like the team here at our dealership, Chevy seeks to provide you with high-quality vehicles that you will be proud to own.

A black 2019 Chevy Silverado High Country is towing a black enclosed trailer near Lexington, KY.

Our Favorite Used Chevys

We love Chevrolet, and it is easy to see why. Chevy has a lot to offer with an incredible amount of choices. With big and small models of cars, trucks, and SUVs for budgets of all kinds, you can find what you are looking for from any model year. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down our favorite, but our top two most popular models are the Silverado and the Equinox.

The heavy-duty class of trucks is outrageously competitive. It can be hard for any name to stand out amid the crowd of massive working trucks. The Chevy Silverado manages to stand out as a champion among heavy-duty pickup trucks. Offering the legendary capability and strength you can only expect to see from Chevy. No other heavy-duty truck is as long-lasting or as dependable as the Silverado.

The Silverado has uncompromised capability with a maximum available trailering of over 13,000 lbs, over 2,000 lbs of payload, and 400 lb-ft of torque. No other pickup can handle the work that the Silverado can take on and look so good doing it. Every year and build of this truck has always been a complete knockout in design and functionality. It maintains a rugged and menacing style that has gotten boxier over the years but always looks as dependable as its reputation suggests.

The good looks also don't stop on the outside. The interior of the Silverado has always been packed with luxurious seating and technology to make your work truck as fun to sit in as it is to drive. Chevy is always pushing the limits and setting the bar, and that is showcased nowhere better than here with its iconic Silverado.

One of the most popular classes of vehicles today is the SUV, and we happen to love the midsize option from Chevrolet. The Chevy Equinox is a high tech and luxurious SUV, ready to take you on your next adventure. Seating up to five passengers with plenty of cargo space and even some towing capability, the Equinox can take you and your crew anywhere with just about anything.

You won't just save money buying used either. You'll also be able to save money on your road trip with the spectacular fuel economy available on both new and used models. As you might expect, the Equinox is also jam-packed with advanced infotainment technology to make your driving experience fun, interactive, and, most of all: comfortable. No matter what model year you chose, any used Equinox is perfectly suited for your next adventure.

Why We Love Ford

Ford is up there as one of the most American icons you can think of. Right next to apple pie and denim is the little blue oval known around the world. In fact, when it comes to automobiles, no one has a longer or more decorated history than Ford. Going all the way back to the very beginning at the turn of the 20th century, Ford changed the way cars were built, and it hasn't stopped being a leader in the industry since.

We love Ford for its commitment to its fan base and dedication to quality. Ford is a name that is beloved for its consistency and reliability. It has also been a forerunner on clean energy for decades with its hybrid drivetrains and EcoBoost engines. The company slogan, Built Ford Tough, also isn't just for show. As a brand, Ford has helped to pioneer the highest performing and most powerful heavy-duty trucks on the planet as well as some of the most popular consumer trucks like the F-150. Like Ford, Dan Cummins has a long and proud history and is dedicated to reliable service, so you can rest easy during your car buying experience and count on us to take care of you as you are shopping for your car and beyond.

A red 2018 Ford Escape is driving on a mountain highway.

Our Favorite Used Fords; the F-150 and the Escape

Choosing a favorite among the expansive and diverse catalog of Ford vehicles is like trying to decide which of your kids is your favorite. It is impossible, and each one excels at their role. Alas, tough decisions must be made. We narrowed down our top two favorite models from Ford. We feel that they emulate the iconic dependability and versatility that the brand is known for all across the world: the Ford F-150 and the Ford Escape.

The Ford F-150 is a staple of the half-ton pickup. Its reliability and capability make the F-150 swing way higher than its weight class and edge into the realm of what was formerly the domain of heavy-duty trucks. What can't be ignored about the F-150 and why we love it so much is that no matter what year or build, it is purpose-built first. No other truck is so deliberately designed to be a no-nonsense work truck.

For the driver who wants some tech and comfort but isn't obsessed with all the bells and whistles that so many newer trucks load themselves up with, this is the perfect truck for you. Year over year, the F-150 has the best-in-class capability with unmatched towing, payload, horsepower, and torque. With Ford's leading example as a dependable brand, you don't have to sacrifice quality for cost with its used models.

Ford is known for its dependability and tradition, but that doesn't mean it doesn't know how to keep up. The Escape is Ford’s sport utility vehicle for families who are always in motion or the driver with an active lifestyle that needs to stay on the go. The iconic Ford SUV is built with style, comfort, and fun put into its core. It can seat up to five and has a sleek design that is fun and adventurous.

It is also available with Ford designed hybrid engine options so that you can save money and do your part to be green while you go off the beaten path to wilderness adventure. For drivers with precious cargo, the Escape has always been equipped with the latest safety features and technology to ensure that you and your passengers are kept secure. When you are driving the Ford Escape, you are prepared for anything that may come your way.

Why Visit Dan Cummins From Lexington?

Dan Cummins has a long and proud history of serving the Lexington area and providing the best deals and customer experience in the business. We provide the most positive car buying experience of any new and used car dealer with respect, courtesy, and three generations of family-owned understanding. Nowhere else will you find the same dedication to the customer experience and commitment to getting you the car you need at a price that will make you feel like a winner as you drive away from the dealership.

For three generations, we have made it our mission to provide the best service possible from the buying experience through your entire driving life with the best technicians to offer expert service and support. Folks have driven hundreds of miles away to return to our dealership because they know that the trip is worth it. When you walk through our doors, we'll happily greet you and find you the right person to talk to. Whether you are looking for one of our incredible sales team, our financing department, or even one of our owners who are known to walk the floor and meet our customers face to face, we won't give you the runaround even on our busiest days.

If you can't make the trip out but can't go without our 5-star service and unbeatable inventory, you can shop from home. Our internet sales team is diligent, fast, and courteous to make sure whether in-store or out, your car buying experience is fun, relaxing, and leaves you feeling confident. At Dan Cummins, we are dedicated to one thing: you. Our sales team is not commissioned, and their only mission is to make sure that you drive away feeling like a million bucks without having to spend a million bucks. Whether you are looking for an affordable commuter car or you have the budget for a $70,000 Ram TRX, we have the options and financing team to help you find the car of your dreams and a payment plan that fits your lifestyle.

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